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Writing Camp For Students In Utah



Have you always wanted to develop your writing skills? Maybe, you just have a huge passion for writing? No matter the reason, we are ready to help you with your desire to become a better essay writer.

We are launching a new edition of our successful writing camp for students called ‘WriteOut Camp’. The program will take place on July 25-29, 2021 and will gather 50 of the most talented beginner writers aged 13-18 years old.


Reasons To Join Us

  • We are the first to launch the Summer camp for aspiring creative writers in Utah!

We bet you have never heard of anything similar in the state. Our camp program is unique and nothing like that has been ever done here. The camp was developed and launched in the walls of Southern Utah University by its staff and alumni;

  • We are the best at teaching writing!

Only practicing writers and publishers make the WriteOut Camp staff. You will not see any amateurs here, only experienced authors, journalists, and professors will guide you through the writing process. Each speaker has their own approach to writing, techniques to improve it, and rituals for achieving the highest productivity level;

  • Unique study program.

Our activities are united by the idea of helping young writers express themselves and become aces in the world of texts and publications. We are ready to offer you the guidance you need, show you how writing teaches to be a researcher, and what you can do to avoid the most popular mistakes of aspiring authors. Hurry up to apply and join us!


Application Process

To become a part of our WriteOut Camp, take the steps below and get your letter of admission in Spring:

  1. Fill out the Application Form. Tell us more about yourself, your writing experience and interests, and your level of education. We are eager to host high school students, as well as college applicants, current students, and recent alumni; however, we need to know whether you already tried writing and publishing articles or just start your way on the writing Olimp;
  2. Enclose examples of your writing. We need this to evaluate your writing proficiency;
  3. Wait for your acceptance letter. After we read every application and choose the most motivated writers to join our next camp, you will get a letter if you are chosen to participate. We promise, it will not take long;
  4. Pay the fees. The Write Foundation does not offer scholarships for this camp, so be ready to pay for your room and board during this event. The fees can be paid all at once or split into three equal payments. Contact our Admission staff for more information.

Prepare to explore Southern Utah University

Once you are accepted and paid for your place at the camp, feel free to visit the hosting university during the Open Days. During your visit, you will not only find out where you will live and participate in the WriteOut Camp activities but also get to know study programs and scholarship opportunities for prospective students. Such a trip will be of great help especially if you are a high school student and are choosing colleges to continue your studies: you will meet your future instructors, explore extracurricular activities and part-time job opportunities available on campus, meet current students of Southern Utah University. If you get lucky, you can even get acquainted with WriteOut Authors & Writers grant winners and ask their tips on how to get this grant from our foundation. This kind of financial aid allows prospective Southern Utah University students to cover some of the tuition fees during their first year of study.

Do not hesitate to apply for our WriteOut Camp to find inspiration, friends, and get an unforgettable experience of improving your writing skills along with students like you from all over the United States!